IP Rights


The team is eagerly anticipating the remarkable projects that the community will construct utilizing their intellectual property (IP). We wholeheartedly urge you all to explore the vast array of opportunities that lie ahead, while also offering some important points to consider before diving in and unleashing your boundless creativity.

Remember, It is strictly prohibited to employ the Art linked to UGLY Kidz NFT in any manner that involves images, videos, or other media forms depicting hatred, intolerance, violence, cruelty, or any content that may reasonably be considered as hate speech or infringing upon the rights of others.



The U.K Academy team is the rightful owner of the name and Intellectual Property (IP) associated with the UGLY Kidz NFT and Hall Pass Project. This encompasses various elements such as the names, logos, layer files, trademarks, website, user interface design, and smart contract code, among others. We maintain the exclusive rights to utilize this IP for promotional campaigns, advertisements, and other marketing endeavors.


As the owner of the NFT, you possess the final image as a result of your ownership in the UGLY Kidz NFT and Hall Pass Project on the Ethereum blockchain. When you acquire the NFT, you gain ownership of the original UGLY Kidz NFT Artwork. The Smart Contract and the Ethereum Network serve as the sole mediators of NFT ownership, ensuring that we have no authority to seize, freeze, or alter the ownership of any UGLY Kidz NFT at any given point.  We encourage you to explore various commercial opportunities utilizing your UGLY Kidz NFT IP. If your commercial endeavors align with the UGLY Kidz vision, feel free to reach out to our team to explore potential ways we can support and collaborate in a more meaningful manner. However, there are certain restrictions to keep in mind. You must maintain ownership of the relevant UGLY Kidz NFT for which you have commercially utilized the IP. If you ever sell, trade, donate, give away, or transfer ownership of your NFT for any reason, the license associated with the IP will immediately be transferred to the new owner of that NFT. As a result, you will no longer retain any rights to or claim over the artwork associated with that particular NFT.